Industrial Developments, INC

Mission Statement:

IDI exists today to manage and develop collective assets, primarily industrial land, for the purpose of encouraging business growth and development


IDI was originally formed by the Chamber in 1959 to bring industry to the community.  It did that in a variety of ways from guaranteeing loans to attempting to actually buy and move companies.  In the mid-80s its role shifted with the creation of a separate non-profit organization dedicated to attracting new businesses.  Its role since then has been to acquire, hold and develop land assets that can be used as incentives to attract new companies and help existing companies expand.


IDI’s relationship to the Grand Junction Chamber

The Chamber formed IDI to do economic development over 50 years ago.  As such, it is the parent corporation.  While IDI is a separate non-profit entity with its own board of directors, the Chamber Board appoints that board.  Additionally, if IDI were ever to dissolve any remaining assets would come back to the Chamber.  The Chamber provides administrative services to IDI


For the past three years we have been busy developing two industrial parks, Bookcliff Technology Park and Air Tech Park.  We have provided land at no cost to the Colorado Bureau of Investigations and Leitner-Poma, a local ski lift manufacturer.  In total we have provided 22 acres for these two projects which have resulted in over 140 jobs retained and created.

IDI has also partnered with other economic development entities to help fund the Listening to Business program, an effort to interview local companies and address business issues.


IDI is a 501(c)(3) organization which is also designated as a Colorado enterprise zone project.  In combination, both provide a tax benefit for private individuals wishing to donate property for community economic development projects. 



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